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Dr. Aaron West and Dr. Darrell West have been the premier location for non-surgical back and neck solutions since 2005. We have helped thousands of our patients prevent unnecessary procedures and surgery by offering the most up to date and advanced non-surgical solutions available.

Dr. Aaron West was born and raised in Amarillo and the surrounding small communities. He graduated high school from White Deer High School. He completed his undergraduate studies at Northlake College in Irving and attended the prestigious Parker University to pursue his chiropractic dream. He received a Bachelor of Science in anatomy as well as his Doctor of Chiropractic degree there. He is committed to providing not only the most advanced treatments available, but also to maintaining the highest level of training possible in order to help more people live happy and healthy lives.

At an early age Dr. Aaron knew he wanted to be a chiropractor to help people regain their lives and not have to depend on traditional medicine and drugs to do that. Allowing his patients to live their life to the fullest every day is his goal with every patient he sees. Being able to see and be a part of transforming lives is truly special. From seeing patients play with their kids and grandkids again, to seeing them be able to join their church choir again, to being able to play golf of bowling or other recreational activity they enjoy or being able to just enjoy walking without pain or ride their horse again or exercise like they used to. We see lives transformed each and every day.

Dr. Darrell West soon after starting his career, he saw the need for more advanced procedures to help treat chronic and sever disc issues where chiropractic by itself was limited in success. Plus, surgical success was abysmal at best and non-surgical procedures were the wave of the future. He was the first doctor in the Amarillo area to obtain the most advanced non-surgical spinal decompression machine and quickly became the go-to office for treating hard to treat disc issues. Many years later and still the premier office helping many patients return to the life they worried they had lost forever.

Along with advanced treatment options, Dr. West and Dr. Aaron have adapted their treatment techniques to specifically deal with severe disc issues. As well, adjusting techniques are such that they take the specific needs of the patient into consideration to never make the issues worse. Non-surgical spinal decompression along with light force adjusting techniques ensure comfort along with every effort to improve the spinal conditions.

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